The Vacation/AFK Thread

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Now we have a place to put all "I won't be around for awhile" posts!

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Ooo! Good idea! I will take the honors for the first vacay, then >:3

From July 11th to 19th I will be in Montreal, visiting family. That doesn't mean I will completely disappear, but expect to see lower Yeo amounts (to many character's happiness, XD). I'll still have the internet and probably still be checking the forums daily, but actual WoW-Yeo may be lower.
The weekend away over July 14th has been postponed to some as-yet-decided date. Instead, I have jury duty on Monday the 9th, and will find out if I'm tapped for any cases then.

Although, as I keep telling people, the odds of two lawyers agreeing to a half-blind pregnant woman are bound to be pretty low.
Glad this is here, great idea!

I will actually be gone tonight and tomorrow as I will be heading out to Kansas to move furniture and whatnot.

Also, I'll be on vacation in New York and then South Carolina from July 19 to possibly the 31st at the latest. I still haven't decided to bring my laptop but considering I'll be at the beach for a week, the odds are slim.

But no, not really.

Basically I have some IRL stuff going on that's limiting my time for casual RP and leveling. However, I'm still available (and want!) to roleplay scenes, so if you want an Eleanore for any reason, it'll be a safer bet to schedule something with me so I can dedicate a chunk of time to it rather than floating in and out like I have been for the past week or so.

Just as an update to my previous post:

I'm still not sure if I'll be taking my laptop with me this next week. Even if I do, I will likely not be in game, and even if I am, it will be for brief periods.

So.... this is your fair warning to consider me inaccessible until the 1st of August. There will be many funs to be had upon my return, until then, enjoy yourselves and don't do anything stupid while the Chaplain's away!
I shall be away between August 3rd and 5th. To ensure that the Servitors are not deprived of shininess during this time, Hildan will leave a pile of cut gems out for everyone.

Not diamonds, though. That shiz is expensive.
"What the-- these aren't even gems, they're just SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES!"
Im heading out of town on Wednesday morning of August 1st, and we plan to be back home the 7th sometime.
Redd's offline Friday Night through the weekend .. shoudl be back Monday Night

Ax and I are both gone this weekend to get tan and drunk at the beach.
On a delayed note:
I'll be in Phoenix for who knows how long more, maybe a week if I am unlucky. Since I can't do anything but arps but my schedule is spotty, just throw mail at me and I'll try to get back to you for scenes.
I'm heading up to the mountains tomorrow afternoon with the fam. We'll be there until Sunday morning/afternoon.

Not sure when we'll be back but I'll try to make the guild meet.
I'm going to be away from Wednesday to Monday -- going to bring my laptop with me, but I'll be in the boonies of Pennsylvania, so who knows if I'll actually get the interwebs.
Somethings have come up. Don't know the next time I'll be on.. Sorry guys, know my review thing is soon. But I don't expect this to last longer than five to six days.. Tops.
"Rest easy lad, things look bleak now, but calm will follow the storm just as peace will follow war." -Anduin Lothar
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