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Bromm's Journal

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**This journal is somewhat worn, yet not entirely ragged. This journal has not seen a pen and ink in years. The last entry is 2 years old. On the inside cover the words "Property of Brommidor Stonebrow" are written in a neat Dwarvish and mostly neat Common**


This is incredible! I have finally found my old journal. I knew that when I had abandoned it years ago it was purposeful, but I never knew it would be so difficult finding it again.

I have been longing to begin writing again ever since I joined First Legion but I was never able to dig up this book from the house. After a daytrip to Dun Morogh the other day to retrieve my mining gear for my Hallow's End costume I managed to find it buried amongst some old boxes with my mining gear.

My ambitions to begin writing again range from documenting the many hebacious plants I find on my travels about the world, my activities with the Servitors, my various adventures and tasks across Azeroth, and most recently, my thoughts of the recent bout of earthquakes that seem to be plaguing us.

To recap my journies and events over the past two years in short, I have trained to become a paladin, joined the military unit known as First Legion for about 6 months. When we were decommissioned I worked with the Silver Hand for some time before applying and (thankfully) joining the Servitors of Lothar. Since then I have gone into business with one Maesaeloria Nash, a druid in the Servitors, in a Potion Shop in Stormwind City. Many other side adventures have occurred since.

For my first entry I will begin with documenting the finding of my newest companion, one darter raptor hatchling. I managed to rescue the tyke after I was beset by three raptors on the road to Theramore. Once I'd slain two and chased off the third, I heard some strange squeaking noises from a nearby marsh. I went to investigate and found the fella just then bursting from it's egg. With my limited knowledge on the upbringing of reptilian species, I decided to take the newborn with me having worried that it's parents were the ones who had attacked me.

I have decided to name him Flit due to his odd tendencies to skitter to and fro at seemingly random times. He's quite an active hatchling, and I suppose that is a good thing.

Also want to note my current occupying matters. I have been recently sent as a liason of the Argent Dawn to Outland to work with forces there in cleaning up the lingering Burning Legion armies. I will still be making frequent travels to the Plaguelands as more and more forces return from Northrend and are reassigned across Azeroth. I have been recently promoted to the rank of Novice within the Servitors. And by recently I mean about a month ago. I believe I will seek out the Commander about advancing to the rank of Soldier. I have also been somewhat lax in my efforts with the Potion Shop. We sent out an advertisement in the Inquirer last month but have yet to receive any responses. Somewhat disappointed in that area.

That's about all I have for now, glad to be writing once more.

Met with Advisor Asteris last evening by coincidence. We sat and were able to catch up on our doings the past few weeks.

I told her about my recent assignment to Honor Hold as an Argent liason and she wished that the Sergeant I work with send her a report about my conduct and actions thus far in that duty. I wonder what to make of that request? She also seemed a bit wary about Flit. Not exactly sure why again, but she did seem to like the idea of him ridding the 'Son of some unwanted rats.

She told me of her somewhat hectic and stressful activities, even joked about her and an axe! I do hope that she can find a way to relieve some of that workload. She seems to always have something big on her plate.

After she departed (rather hastily, probably yet another important matter) I bumped into Wilim. First time seeing him in almost a month. He seemed really worried and frantic, he lead me off to the Hatch to attend to his partner, consort, friend, Anna. Apparently she had fallen off the docks in Stormwind and sustained some very serious injuries. She was badly injured and unconscious when I got to her. I was able to treat a concussion and broken leg relatively easily. (I am no stranger to the healing magics but I am much more familiar with a sword and shield!). The true horror and problem was when I got to her midsection. She had apparently been with child (for what amount of time I know not) and had sustained heavy injuries to her stomache area during her fall.

I summoned all the wisdom and focus I could muster from my various teachings and training and was able to successfully stabilize her internal bleeding, thanks to the Light. I believe that I had very little to do on this part and give all credit to the Light for this miraculous work. For once I had finished I collapsed, exhausted by the spellwork. I had only been able to treat her immediate injuries and told both her and Wil that an experienced healer would need to treat her further and that all I had done was to halt her injuries temporarily.

I passed out after that and awoke this morning to their absence. I will take this as a sign that they were able to make it to a proper healer but have not heard word from Wil since.

Strange evening, journal. Most strange. And most fortunate.

Still have yet to hear back from Wilim. I am concerned to say the least.

This past week has been filled with numerous raids, sorties, and bombing runs throughout Hellfire. So far we have been able to make a sizeable effort in the areas of Zeth'gor and the demon gates nearby. We hope to move farther north and east in the coming weeks.

I returned to Stormwind yesterday to re-supply, send my usual report to the Dawn, and to hopefully catch up with some friends. To my surprise, I was unable to accomplish a few of these due to the sudden emergeance of Twilight Cultists and propoganders in the streets of Stormwind. These things did not concern me (although they did aggravate me, 'disregard the teachings of the Light and come follow the truth!' If I wasn't in Stormwind around guards and fellow clergy, my mace would have had something to say in response) as much as the now sporatic and increasing number of reports of elemental attacks across the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.

Representatives from the Earthen Ring (dormant for years, no less) have come to the major cities to help combat and understand these attacks and appearances as of late. I reported to the Argent Dawn office in Stormwind to see if I was to be reassigned but the Sergeant there had no new orders from the North. No word yet from the Commander or Advisor Asteris, so I am to remain on the remnants of Draenor for the time being until I am informed otherwise by either party.

Strange times are these, I pray that the will not be our end, as I have so many times before.

Tremors have been more frequent and more violent.

Location: Stormwind City

I am writing during one of my few respites at the Dawn headquarters in Stormwind.

The past few weeks have been brutally busy. Increases in elemental attacks and cultist activity have gained the attention of numerous groups from both sides. The Dawn has finally recognized the elementals as a serious threat not only to Alliance lands but to the whole of Azeroth as well. Agents from organizations such as the Earthen Ring and Wildhammer Dwarves have also appeared in Stormwind and Ironforge to help advise our leaders on counter measures against the elementals. I myself have be reassigned to aiding in elemental skirmishing around the Eastern Kingdoms. I've worked with the Dawn in both Elwynn Forest and Khaz Modan fighting swarms of the brutes. It is curious that such vicious attacks must errupt so unprovoked. The shaman in our midst claim that the elements are in upheaval and that some sort of balance has been disrupted for quite some time. Perhaps these mysterious earthquakes (which have grown more and more frequent and violent) may shed answers, but it appears that only more and more questions grow from the mix of cultists, elements, and earthquakes. For now, all we can do is hold them off and quell the now swelling ranks of this Twilight Cult.

Flit is as active as ever. He seems to have grown comfortable around me and others, but he is still skiddish in the wilds and large cities. Been feeding him a diet of fish and rabbits, just the things I am able to gather on my journies. I should ask someone, perhaps the Commander or El, about the proper food to be feeding him. With their knowledge of beasts I'm sure they have a few suggestions.

Its growing colder and the days shorter again. Soon it will be cold enough for some of my favorite winter activities and traditions. A good steaming cup of cider while sitting near a roaring fire, the bellows fueling it more and more to combat the piercing cold. The house may soon get covered with the winter's first large snow. Light be blessed I can at least escape to Fray for some time to escape the winter's bite, unlike many of my past years spent in the cold of Dun Morogh. It will be much different, I feel, than previous years.

<The journal entry ends here and seems to pick up again later>

Location: Fray Island

I went to deliver some field reports to Fray but upon my disembarking from the ship, I was immediately thrown into a skirmish with several flaming elementals that were wreaking havoc on a small shop near the docks. I called for supprot over the G.C.D. but was able to send the brutes away on my own. El had mentioned I was welcome at her home for mending if needed so I meandered up the hill west of the town to her house and entered. I think I was interrupting a near intimate moment between her and an unfamiliar human but after a short, mostly awkward meeting I was introduced to one Jericho... Smith? A new recruit to the Servitors. Seemed to be a rather chummy fella. Was more concerned with amusing El than in conversation so I mostly just observed him while talking with El and eating some very strange tasting crab-spider meat. The man is quite agile and nimble in his movements at least until he fell over the railing of the stairs and landed ten feet down on his head. The lad seemed perfectly fine for falling ten feet onto his head, must be made of stone. Well, after chatting for a bit, El informed me that the Hatch had been reduced to ruins from cultist workings in it. Now this really boiled me because I had chased off a handful of the ruddy whelps not three days ago attempting to perform some dark ritual in our salesroom! I hailed Mae over the G.C.D. for more information and she said that only minimal burning and shrapnel damage had been done to the interior and that the remains of a cultist device was still there. I was very much relieved to hear this rather than finding that all our work had been destroyed. She plans to have most of our stores moved to a safer location soon as to prevent the loss of our wares. I am just thankful we did not lose the shop and that no one was harmed in the process (save the cultists).

After ending my conversation with Mae I discovered El and Jericho had fallen asleep so I gathered my things and left a thank you note for El and her hospitality. I proceeded to Fray as planned and filed my reports. And here I sit now recounting my day. I will sleep in the bunks tonight and hopefully head back to Stormwind tomorrow for more work in the skirmishes. Light help us all in these trying times.
November 17

Location: Stormwind

I write now for the first time since the beginning of the sieges.

The Alliance cities of Ironforge and Stormwind are relentlessly under siege by malicious elemental forces for unknown reasons. I am in Stormwind, with half of the Servitors, helping to hold the city together at its seams from these ravenous foes. It is all we can do to defend the city from these elementals, give healing and aide to the injured and dying, and relief to the haggard military forces that are up day and night working to keep the city from falling to ruin.

In Stormwind we are assaulted by wind and water. This makes for a very poor time for myself as I mostly hate large amounts of water, and here it is the worst as these elementals flood the canals and streets. There are hardly any dry areas left save the higher buildings and upper floors. The number one non-combat inflicted malady that seems to plague the city is hypothermia. The combination of flooding, pouring rains, and howling winds makes this a rather common and deadly affliction.

I have mostly been working with fellow Servitors to fight back the beasts. This enemy is unlike any other. They are physical manifestations of the very elements that make up our world. Pure air and water creatures. (And earth and fire in Ironforge). They crush men with they're very being as they crash upon them as waves on rock. They shred men apart and throw them like ragdolls with their power over the air. It feels as if my blade and hammer do not even effect the monsters. I summon all my powers of the Light to combat these things and, Light be praised, I am somehow able to harm and help bring them down with others.

I witnessed a water elemental today that rose up to the height of six elekks before casting itself upon a squad of infantry. Only two men were carried of barely alive, the others lay motionless. Another smaller water elemental chased after a boy, not fourteen seasons old. I was a fair distance off and Light help me, I would not see this happen once more. I called upon the strength of the Light and hurled my shield as hard as possible at the beast. With a holy flame engulfing my steel missile, the elemental burst into its basic state in a glorious display of light and water. Only a puddle remained as I lifted my shield from the ground where the elemental once stood. It was then I realized how dispicable these beasts were. A mere puddle had chased a boy and it took near every ounce of my strength and power to break it. A puddle...

This siege is like none that has ever been or will be ever again. Where we must fight the very breezes, pools, dirt, and embers which surround us always.

The winds whirl and the waters churn once more. Light save us all.
(Dusting off this old thread to post some back-dated info to let you all know a little about Bromm's absence, as well as to get me back in the writin' mood. Also, kinda creepy that my last entry was during The Shattering, makes me wonder if Bromm lived through it or not..)

<A piece of correspondence, written to Guard-Advisor Coehen Nash>

February 12

Dear Advisor,

I have just recently been handed a missive from the Argent Crusade command. They have seen it fit to reassign me to the (you guessed it) winter wonderland known as Northrend. They say that it is in an effort to relieve troops who have been stationed there these long years (probably to thaw them out!) and bring in some new blood. So to that end, I will be saddling up and headed to the North quite soon and shall be there for about six months time.

I do not know what I shall be doing during my stay, but I will see to it that I shall aide in whatever cause the Servitors have in that region should the occassion arise and to my utmost power. I will be sure to check in regularly (most likely once a week) with you or another officer via the G.C.D. to let you know of my dealings and whatnot.

I apologize for this sudden turn of events and hope that you understand the nature of my situation. If you have any requirements of me before I leave or during my deployment, do not hesitate to inform me.

Light be with you,
Guard-Soldier Brommidor Stonebrow
February 15

Well, never thought I'd see the day that I was sailing off into the forbidden North.

As I write, our ship has embarked towards Northrend. This journey I have long expected, and dreaded. I am glad that I can find solace in the fact that the major events of our time in this land have come to a close (I hope), and that the overarching fear and presence of a lord most foul have receded.

My other solace I find through the Light and my friends. Through them I will find the strength to perservere, even if their presence is far away.

Strength, Courage, Compassion. These are what have been engrained in my character, and these are what I shall rely on to make it through.

Light guide and protect me.
February 18

Arrived in Daggercap Bay in the port of Valgarde Keep two days ago. I earned my stripes nearly instantaneously by fending of a band of marauding Vrykul (large, ugly, half-giant brutes). Northrend is quite the wild and untamed land that I have heard tales of, I am sure there will be no lack of action or adventure.

I have been assigned to guard duty on provisions and supplies caravans across the realm. While seeming to be a very lowly assignment, I will take it with much gratitude. Some of the tasks my Argent brethren have been set to are many times more dangerous and demanding; escorting various merchants and supply wagons while seeing the vast lands of this mysterious continent is more than I could ever ask for. We leave for Dalaran, the fabled City of Mages, tomorrow morning.

Excitement would be the emotion of choice, as well as anxiety. Light protect us all in this foreign land.
15 May

I sent a letter to Coehen yesterday afternoon and I hope that it reaches him before I return.

I am setting out on my final provisions caravan this morning. We will be traveling from Dalaran to Valgarde Keep. The long journey overland will take us through Crystalsong, Dragonblight, the Grizzly Hills, and finally into the Howling Fjord to our terminus at Valgarde. From there I shall take the voyage back to Menethil and on to my stops in Ironforge and Stormwind before eventually landing in Aerie as my final destination. This caravan is a particularly small one, consisting of myself and four other guards and only two wagons of various supplies, mostly ores from the Storm Peaks it appears.

I am elated to say the least. These last few months in Northrend have been... humbling. I have not experienced as much labored and dull work since I first began my time with the Silver Hand as a stablehand. I do not regret the experience at all as I know that my efforts were purposeful and protected the necessary movements of supplies across the southern territories of the continent. Nonetheless I have longed for the great adventures and quests in which I endeavored with the Servitors. I feel a greater pride with them and a greater sense of purpose and the feeling that I am making an affect on the many confrontations and altercations across the world. My return to them will be most welcome to my heart and spirit. Plus I will escape this ruddy cold for some time, I hope.

We depart in half an hour and expect to make our way to Wintergarde before nightfall. Light be with us.
16 May

We made it to Wintergarde as expected last evening about sundown. You never wish to be out in the frozen wastes of Dragonblight past sundown for two reasons: Cold and Undead. Glad we were able to find refuge before either became much of a problem to us.

We started early yesterday from Dalaran. By noon we had reached the Northern border between Crystalsong Forest and the Dragonblight. The road taken from there has always been a treacherous and uneasy one, plagued by Scarlet soldiers, harpies, undead, and even the dreaded jorumungar. We managed to make it out to the frozen plains with little action, which was much to our welcome.

We passed the Wyrmrest Temple by mid-afternoon and were given a clear forecast of the road ahead by the most gracious red dragons. It appeared that there had been little activity for the past week in the region we would be traveling through to reach Wintergarde. It turned out to be a mostly true assumption, yet we encountered a fairly hostile band of snobolds which we dispatched nearly without incident. They are crafty creatures and managed to pilfer a few candles from our caravan. Why they deem them necessary to their existence is beyond my reckoning, but a handful of candles should not be sorely missed upon our arrival at Valgarde... I hope.

By sundown we had reached Wintergarde Keep safe and sound with all our provisions in tow. The fierce 7th Legion housed there made us feel quite welcome. We set out again today for Valgarde. We shall be passing through the rugged (and warmer) Grizzly Hills and into the Howling Fjord. I can only pray that today's journey may be as easy as yesterday's. Light be with us.
16 May - Seven O'clock in the Evening

Valgarde Keep

This second day's trip went splendidly and rapidly.

After early breakfast and a start from Wintergarde at six in the morning, we made the long trek out of Dragonblight and into the thick woods of the Grizzly Hills. We managed to make our way to Amberpine Lodge by eleven whereupon we rested and had our mid-day meal. Recharged for the final leg of our journey, we set out at noon and crossed the border into the Howling Fjord by early afternoon. Once we had made the well-maintained and safe-guarded roads south of the Whispering Gulch, we made it into Valgarde in less than two hours. Now I have finished helping to load the icebreaker bound to Menethil with our provisions and am currently awaiting its departure.

Home. It is a strange word and a stranger feeling to have been gone for so long and to now be returning. Having left at this hour, we should make landing in Menethil sometime tonight, I may have a chance to see my friends quite soon.

Light be with us on this voyage home.
16 May - Midnight

Aerie Peak (Finally)

It is unusual for me to have written three times in the same day yet I feel as though the occassion warrants it.

I have finally returned to the familiar setting of Aerie Peak and now I lay comfortably in my old favorite bunk.

After finally getting cleared by the Argent Officers in Stormwind, I made my way as quick as possible to Aerie to reunite myself with friends and my unit.

Not too much celebaration on my part for my return, I simply dropped my duffel and went straight to the Commander's office. I was more than surprised to have been met by an unfamiliar (and very tight-collared) gnome who seems to be the new aide to the Commander, Cleric Prikka. She seems to be a rather meticulous and serious woman.

After meeting with the Commander and exchanging welcome backs and such, I was escorted through the base (quite comically if I must say) by the same Cleric Prikka. After I had been shown the mess, I met three young worgen and sat down to eat and chat. One I had long known, Goric, and the other two were new faces to the unit, Kandrinel and Edwena. I had the usual exchange of pleasant greetings even though Goric's thoughts seemed elsewhere. They were a lively group but seemed quite tender on the subject of their people and their involvement with the Crusade and affairs in the north.

Mae snuck up and surprised me with a hug in greeting. She seemed quite pleased to see me again, and I admit, the familiar friendly faces were very much a joy to see. She had been promoted to Adjutant of the Keepers. I cannot say I am surprised, it was only a matter of time. She and Ser are the Commander's two favorite druids in our lot by far.

I am glad to be back, and hope that I may be able to meet even more of the new faces of our unit as well as the familiar ones I have yet to see. I hope I can speak with Coe soon. For now, a long-awaited rest in the company of friends.
19 May

Location: Aerie Peak

I sit now by the warm fire of the common room in our base. There was a large crowd gathered but all have departed save myself. I cannot sleep after learning the things I've learned today.

I spent much of my free time back from Northrend today within the confines of the Ironforge library. My long-time plan of finding The Cure may soon become a much more important role in my life. I shall have to speak with Mae about this soon, and possibly some of our Worgen friends. For I know they seek a similar cure and perhaps there may be a common ground for which we can meet to resolve these... maladies.

For now, I shall ponder my thoughts and theories, and begin drafting an outline of it tomorrow.
22 May

Location: Aerie Peak

Its been a good week back. Being unable to ever properly sit with Coe, I have been without new assignments for the entirety of my return. Can't blame him though, poor Coe has been given an enormous number of new recruits to command. Poor man needs his solitude if you ask me, that's probably why I didn't wish to bother him.

But thats all changed now, at least for my sake. Changing the three divisions around now after the last guildmeet. Paladins are now in the Academe and I am to report to Jo from now on. I wonder how she will handle this? I know Jo has a pretty deep hate for Lightbringers in general and hopefully her scorn for them doesn't interfere with her leading them in our unit. Then again, she was raised by dwarves and porbably has some good dwarf-sense in her. I trust her to lead honorably, as I do with all of the officers. Light strengthen them.

About other matters. Spent quite a bit of my time back doing research for The Cure. I have begun drafting an outline for my research and have set them out in a separate journal to keep log in during my travels. Light, I feel like a walking library now with so many books! My personal journal, my alchemy book, my Military Signs and Signals book (note to self: read more of that one), and now this research journal. Not to mention the plethora of random scrolls, manuscripts, and texts that I have acquired for alchemy, my notes, and general information.

I'm going to need more quills.

But back to the matter of my research. I believe I shall begin my studies with the Light as it is the most familiar magic of which I shall be studying as well as what I invision as being the most potent element for The Cure. Now its just a matter of where to begin.

Next step: Draft a map for my travels.
25 May

Location: Stormwind

Stayed in Stormwind at the Argent Dawn Crusade office last night after a night of socialization and study.

Monday evening was the Nash triplets birthday. I had been off on a delivery errand for the Crusade (I'm not back for a week after four months in the North and they task me with something else) so I had missed the party, but I was at least able to pass on to Mae my gift for the children: several snow potions for each of them. I figured that they might enjoy a bit of snow in the summer on their birthday. Talked with Mae and Jo for some time. Mentioned to Jo that I wished to make the jump up to Marshal and she made note of it in for her planned tasks to the newly joined paladins of the Academe.

Spent much of yesterday pouring over notes and documents in the Ironforge Library, tried to find as much archaeologic information as I could and blimey, there's a LOT of it. Took me hours to go through very basic and recent findings. I will not be surprised if it takes me years to pour over that library alone. Made friends with a few useful contacts with the Explorer's League who in turn gave me the names and locations of various digsites across Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms where I may explore myself.

Took my leave of Library before dinner and headed to Stormwind and the Cathedral Square. I sat by the fountain, reading over my notes, enjoying the weather, eating some carrots and making light conversation. Met a young Stormpike lass who seemed to be doing the near exact same as I was. Searching for a cure for King Magni is her goal. I regret to admit that the same thought had not occurred to me. I believe the overall thrill of the attempt to find te Cure for the Plague clouded my mind to many other maladies such as the King's and that of the Worgen Curse. I am glad I met Urika, she gave me a broader view of what archaeology consists of. She told me that she stays with a clan of Wildhammers in the Hinterlands not far from Aerie. We plan to meet again and compare notes. For now I will attempt to gain entry to the Stormwind Library for my research.
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