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Anduin Lothar Memorial



With our tenth year anniversary in July, we would like to announce two upcoming, related, events. 

The first will be a unit mission to the statue of Lothar in the Burning Steppes, where we will clean the location, repair the statue, and ensure it will be ready for the second event. This will take place on July 17th.

On July 28th, in lieu of a unit meeting, we will host a Lothar memorial service, open to anyone who wishes to peacefully attend. We would like up to four volunteers to aid in this memorial. It will begin with speaking on who Lothar was, then a retelling of his final few days including the Siege of Blackrock Mountain, and finally speak briefly on the unit and our connection to Lothar. The four volunteers will be aiding with the first two sections of this. 

Please sign up below if you are amenable to speaking in front of a crowd and are available on the 28th. You will be assigned your section once you volunteer. 


OOC: So! I will send those who sign up a summary of their assigned section, the assignment of which will take into consideration your character and your own writing strengths. The outline I wrote is dry and boring, though, so please send it through your character's own spin and opinion on it and write a script to post as your character tells their part of the story. Obviously follow the lore and don't get too wild, but have fun with it! Try to keep the sections to about 3-5 minutes long. This approximates that each post will be up for about thirty to forty seconds before the next post is posted, which gives the audience enough time to read and digest it. A good rule of thumb is to read your post over at a normal reading pace twice before moving on.

I've done quite a few speeches to large groups on M, so if you have questions, poke me on Discord or ingame with 'em. 

If you don't want to or miss the sign up, we still need greeters and crowd herders! Everyone can be as involved as they'd like to be.


((OOC: I would like to volunteer Eth as a speaker. ))

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