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The Trolls of the Hinterlands ((Open, OOC and IC))


Ven'fari's plan was going to perfection. His unexpected allies had performed perfectly. They seemed to trust him enough to help in his plans and the truth was that he needed them. In his eyes the defense of his lands, their lands, was the single most important thing and if they had to defend it together, so be it. There would be enough time to kill each other later but there would be no time at all if the dead queen had her way. Fighting for life required unusual allies, unusual tactics.

He led his voodoo troll zombies up the hill and to one of the nearby ponds where some of his followers waited. They would need to prepare them before they returned to Jintha'Alor. Armor needed to be patched, bodies cleaned and wounds hidden. The deception had to be convincing enough, yet perfectly flawed if he was to convince the council that the Forsaken were false. He had to make them see that the dead could never be trusted. Once they were ready he led them back to the city controlling them from the shadows. He would have them meet the council. The time had come. There was no turning back now. The fate of his people depended on his magics. On his cunning. The fate of the Hinterlands depended on it. 


---OOC post---

Hey guys. Troll story continues! I need a few volunteers to troll up! Several upcoming events will be troll based, low level, carried out in the Echo Isles. However, future events will be combined Servitor/Troll events when this event chain merges with the Forsaken Guerrilla story so we'll need slightly higher level trolls for Hints and Plaguelands. If you want to troll up, let me know!

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