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re: After Action Report: Defense of Brennadam


After Action Report: Defense of Brennadam

Date: October 8

Response Team: Guard-Commander Brommidor Stonebrow (BS), Soldier Seda Artec (SA), Scout-Initiate Rezi Gearlock (RG), Academe-Initiate Abalyn Lockhart (AL)


Response team responding to an emergency call for support in Brennadam, Stormsong Valley. The response team mustered in the eastern portion of the town before coordinating with local defense forces at a rallying point at the bridge. The town of Brennadam came under sudden and violent attack by Horde forces consisting of sappers, raiders, wyvern riders, and zeppelins. Horde forces were attacking civilian townspeople and structures of the town at will.

Sergeant Calvin of the Brennadam defenses, organized a rescue operation wherein Brennadam forces and Servitor Response Team divided forces to push back Horde attackers and rescue civilians trapped in the combat zone.

Response team was successful in putting down goblin sappers and a goblin zeppelin attempting to destroy a warehouse and house. Response team was also able to oversee the safe evacuation of around twenty Brennadam citizens from the conflict area to the safe zone. Part way into the mission, a heavy artillery emplacement began opening fire on the town. The Response team went to disable the artillery that was firing on the town from a nearby hilltop with a windmill. Upon reaching the hilltop, Response team encountered a team of specialist Horde forces consisting of a blood elf spellcaster, orc grunt, goblin demolitionist, and troll bowman. Response team engaged this squad of Horde in a fierce battle in order to neutralize the artillery tank firing on the town.

Soldier Artec was able to slay the orc grunt, while Initiate Lockhart performed a polymorph spell on the blood elf spellcaster to take her out of the fight. The goblin demolitionist and troll bowman put up a significant fight but AL and SA were able to trap the goblin in frost and take him captive. RG and his mechanical companion severely wounded the troll bowman before he fled the battle away from the town.

Soldier Artec discovered a detonator on the goblin which corresponded to an explosive charge within the artillery tank. The goblin was persuaded to give the deactivation code for the detonator, disabling the explosives as well as the firing system inside the tank. Response team secured the blood elf and goblin in restraints before returning to the safe zone of the town and turning the prisoners over to a collecting area overseen by Brennadam forces and an SI:7 liaison.


Response team suffered minor injuries during the engagement and was able to return safely to friendly territory. Horde forces withdrew their attack shortly after the artillery was disabled. Their intention for attacking the town is currently unknown. RG and SA surmised that a Horde encampment is likely somewhere in the area due to the distance Brennadam sits away from the coast. It is advised that Scout forces are sent to recon the area around Brennadam to determine the source of the Horde threat in the region. It is also advised that all Servitors treat the town of Brennadam and its surrounding area to the west as a combat zone and to be on the lookout for further Horde confrontations in this area.

It is also advised that a follow-up interrogation of captured blood elf and goblin prisoners be performed in order to find out the purpose of the attack any other information on Horde presence in Stormsong Valley.

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