Dear Diary

Ordom's Mossy Journal


*This journal if full of musty yellow parchment. It's cover is overgrown in a layer of soft green moss, and the book when closed keeps itself shut by a tangle of thin vines.*

20 May

My old journal has run out of parchment so I have crafted another and deposited the old one with the others. 

Fresh sheafs of parchment always have held a refreshing scent.


22 May

I am in Stormwind tonight.

I have taken the opportunity to visit Lilyssia. She and I shared dinner at a small rooftop cafe overlooking the Mage Quarter. The food was well prepared, the view beautiful, and the sounds of the lively sector of the city entertaining.

Nights such as these have been rare the past few years, but now that the Legion threat have been quelled, they are beginning to feel familiar again.

Lilyssia welcomed the provision of herbs I brought her from the Broken Isles. It is fortunate that my service to the Servitors allows me to gather them for her to sell. 

She has told me that the ones from the Isles are in high demand now. It always seems to be that way at the end of a large campaign - Draenor, Pandaria, Northrend. All of those taking advantage of the wealth of resources now so easily extracted in the wake of danger.

It saddens me to contribute to such a gluttony. Lilyssia informs me that much of what is gathered is not used, but placed in storage to be sold later at higher prices. This is proves detrimental to the buyer along the line as even with careful preservation practices and spells, most herbs lose their potency after a few months.

A dreadful waste.

Night falls. Elune grant us favor.


June 11

It is furlough and I have traveled down to Stormwind.

I will not be spending a lengthy time in the City but I have taken the time to visit with Lilyssia before I sail to Darnassus.

She is as busy as ever, the shop and district teeming with activity and a rather more upbeat energy among the populace.

I have brought with me several bottles of the Nightfallen arcwine. I was able to purchase some from our friends in the Nightfallen. With some of the tales I have shared with Lilyssia, Galandria, and the others, they have grown an interest in our distant kindred from beneath the dome. I thought I would bring back a taste of their society.

I will be doing quite a bit of traveling during our designated time of rest. Darnassus, Moonlgade, Feralas. I have been away too long.

Lilyssia is closing the shop soon and we shall shall a meal at a pandaren pub in Old Town. She tells me their dumplings are quite good.

Elune be praised for the blessings we have been given, and this opportunity to share quality time with our loved ones.


June 13

I am writing this while aboard the Kaldorei vessel "Violet Dusk". It is a transport and merchant ship sailing from Stormwind to Teldrassil. The powers afforded to me by Cenarius and Elune to travel more rapidly would be most useful but as we have been told, they are not to be used except in service to the Circle and in defense of the Dream, so here I am.

I spent some of the day yesterday with Lilyssia wandering Stormwind. We visiting many shops and enjoyed the unique bustling and character of all the different districts. Despite Neltharion's destructive attack on the park years ago, I believe Stormwind should count itself fortunate for its continued protection and relative safety from all of the terrors that our worlds have endured over recent decades.

It was a relaxing time and I am thankful.

I sail today to Teldrassil to visit mother and Barelia. It has been some time since I was able to visit with them at length. They write that they have been well and I am eager to catch up and see how their shop is doing.

It will also be good to see Shayla. She remains ever busy and vigilant in the forests despite her greatest threats being grellkin and furlbogs. There has always been some minor corruption on the isle but it has never been aggressive enough to bring much trouble.

She wishes to journey and fight on the far off battlefields, despite the knowledge she carries of her mother's fate and the tales I share with her about my own experiences. I have no doubt that her determination and strong will (too much like her aunt's) will allow her to someday achieve her desire, I only hope she will be strong enough to face it when the day arrives.

We are not far off the northern cape of Kalimdor. I enjoy watching the waves crash against the high cliffs here and looking for sea lions that enjoy the tumultuous surf of this area.


August 2

The unthinkable has happened. Teldrassil burns.

It all happened as if time had slowed to a crawl. We were aboard Jo's ship, having just rescued many refugee families from Lor'danel. Then we heard the terrifyingly ominous "crack" of trebuchets and catapults from Darkshore, firing their flaming artillery towards the Crown of the Earth (this last phrase is written in a distinctly different series of letters.)

We made haste towards the island, hoping to rescue any unfortunate souls who were attempting to flee by sea. Roiya was in a smaller vessel making the same direction when a branch of the Crown plummeted from its height down to the water, flattening the nearest edge of shore we could reach.

In the haze and confusion that followed, we fled south to our small isle, searching for survivors in our retreat. I spotted Roiya in the waters and attempted to rescue her but came up short just before I reached her.

We fled in defeat, watching helplessly as the safe harbor of my people went up in flames like the kindling of a dwarven hearth. Roiya reached the tree, but her whereabouts are unknown. Others hold out hope for her survival. I fear the worst. 

I returned to Stormwind with the others the day after the burning and found thousands of my people there as refugees. I was able to find mother as she had traveled immediately to Lilyssia. She was still in shock.

She was able to tell me somewhat of her perilous escape, but only the essentials. Apparently the entire city burned as the flames of the Horde rained down around it. She was able to make it to the Temple of the Moon and escape via portal as many others did. Sadly, she told us that my sister, Barelia, along with her husband, were not among those that escaped. As she was fleeing her home, she went to their clothier shop in the Tradesman's Terrace. They were inside when the flames caught the building and given the amount of dry cloth inside, they had no time to get out. 

She tells us that she heard their screams of agony from outside and waited there until their silence came and a stranger dragged her away towards the Temple. I could barely comprehend her words as she recounted the tragedy.

We have yet to hear word from my other sister, Irris. I am told her vessel was one that was attempting to ferry survivors from the tree before it fell. Likewise, my daughter has been missing since the attack on Lor'danel. Elune keep them safe.

The Darnassian Guard had been called to defend Darkshore since the Horde invasion began and her unit was amongst the first to see combat. Our valiant soldiers held the Horde at the river for almost a week, awaiting relief from Stormwind and the Darnassian fleet that would prove too late. Forces broke through the defenses from Felwood and overwhelmed Lor'danel, the link between the land forces and Teldrassil. Kaldorei forces across Darkshore were scattered and broken. Those that did not escape are believed to be killed. Few are assumed alive as prisoner.

Elune, grant your mercy upon my family as you did upon those whom you harbored in your temple.

And let your wrath burn for those who have destroyed our home.


21 October


Boralus, Kul Tiras


My dreams have been troubling to me of late. I am not sure if it is the less than ideal living conditions in which we have found ourselves in the Kul Tiran capital, or if it is something brought upon by our ventures into Drustvar. Likely it is the latter.


We have been in Boralus and Kul Tiras since the end of August, nearly two months. It is a vibrant port city of the human kingdom of nautical humans. They take great pride in their fleet as well as their independence from the Alliance - both reasons for our presence here, along with many other Alliance units and diplomats.


Our mission has been to gain the favor and mend relations with the kingdom (or admiralty, as they refer to it) in hopes that they will lend the aid of their navy and armies to the Alliance in the aftermath of the Horde’s desecration of Teldrassil and our subsequent retaliation on Lordaeron. This has led to us having traveled to a region known as Drustvar, initially under reports of delayed delivery of the region’s sausage industry.


We have met with curious folk in the town of Fallhaven, and even more disconcerting, faced several constructs of wicker and fought what appeared to be a witch in a graveyard. It is unknown how all of these are connected and what is driving these strange occurrences, but on our last outing we came upon an ancient ruin of people known as the Drust, and helped rescue a pair of local human druids of a type. They have agreed to help us decipher some of the runes we discovered and seem friendly for the most part, but the entire experience and area is quite mysterious. I sense that something lurks beneath the surface. The land here is old and the forests and creatures here have a strange magic about them that I have not yet been able to understand fully.


This is why I believe my dreams have been uneasy of late. With the presence of druids in the area, I wonder what sort of link this place may have to the Dream itself, and whether some taint or corruption is befouling the place, as Felwood and other sites suffered. It will require further study and meditation. Perhaps I will need to do some dreamwalking in the wilds, though the woods of Drustvar do not seem at all safe.


I will record what I have seen in my dreams later, after I have slept.



27 April


I have just finished speaking with several elder druids within the Cenarion Circle about the tainted soil sample I recovered from Nazmir last week. 

We had tracked some of the missing humans down into a dreadfully large pit with a trollish-appearing pyramid at its center. The humans whom we saw alive and mostly well only a short time before, were all either slaughtered or taken captive, or driven mad as the one individual we found in the hut.

The soil and meager plant life that existed within that pit were as corrupted and tainted as I have ever seen, which led me to fear that there was some uncontrolled rift from the Emerald Nightmare that was somehow bleeding into this terrible place.

However, after bringing the sample to the druids in the Dreamway and studying its properties, it was proven that the corruption does not stem from the Nightmare, but some other darker, deeper, more ancient magic. No one had seen this before, which is unsettling, but unsurprising, given the lack of outside exposure to the Zandalari homeland.

I was told that there was a troll druid that may be able to speak with the Zandalari about this taint but given her connections to the Horde, I will allow the Circle to head up that investigation, for neutrality’s sake as well as for the sake of the common good. Unless this corruption is some sort of Horde machination, they would likely benefit from a better understanding of this danger as well.

Night is falling so I will make my return to the Hinterlands once more with this news.



<An unsent and undated letter appears to have been penned on the journal page below>

Galandria, my Eastern Star,

I have not written to you in a long while. Though I see you frequently in my dreams and speak to you in my prayers, I feel that setting words to parchment sets my thoughts to you more solidly than my rambling lips allow.

I wonder, if you look down upon me from the night sky above, and abhor my actions, or more maybe more appropriately my inaction? Our daughter has not been seen or heard from in over a year, since the Great Tree burned like a bonfire and she served her duty on Darkshore. And yet I have done so little in the ways of seeking out her fate. I know she is a grown woman, capable of defending and fighting for herself, which I may have taken for granted all these months. As a father, I am ashamed of not having taken action sooner. Developments in being able to acquire information on her whereabouts have taken longer than I would have expected.

Rest assured my love, I will find her one way or another, if it takes me a year or ten years, I know that others who have gone missing or presumed dead have been found after longer periods of time. Consider even the Shal'dorei, thought lost since the Sundering, found thriving beneath an enormous arcane barrier not two years ago.

I know those words may do little to reassure you, but I also know that from where you sit, you can see her more clearly than I. Oh how I long to have such a sight as yours at this time. May Elune in her divine goodness, grant me at least a sliver of her vision that I may see our daughter and be able to find her.

I should close now before my words drivel into too much lament, or I bore you with the small details of what my nightly doings entail. You see these clear enough yourself, but the stirrings of my heart and mind I should think are not as easy to discern.

May Elune continue to allow you to shine brightly for me, my Eastern Star.


-Your Western Star

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