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re: Tampered drugs


Mission Report: Investigate the tampered drugs reaching Stormwind City

Mission Lead: Zuriah

Division Commander: Roiya Shadowpaw

Unit: Jocastia, Marbela

Mission Debriefing: Having confirmed that the raw ingredients leaving producer facilities in Redridge had not been tampered with, the unit followed the caravan travelling to Stormind from the air in the early night. The caravan was composed of a wagon, driver, and three heavily armed mercenaries. The caravan proceded without any incident or suspicious activity until it reached Elwynn forest, where it turned off to the road due south. As we drew closer to observe what was taking place, we observes the wagon standing still in the forest. The unit was then detected and forced to enter combat with the mercenary guards. Marbela intercepted the caravan as it attempted to flee. While we were engaging the guards, an unknown sniper, from an unknown location, shot and killed the driver and two of the mercenaries. The third died during the battle. The sniper did not fire upon our group. Based on his skill, we believe this man to be a professional cleaning up a deal gone wrong. 

Upon searching the bodies and wagon we were able to come up with three bits of information. One, a badge on the clothing of one of the mercenaries which has been identified as belonging to the Silver Hozen, a small but known mercenary outfit. The second, a blood-stained bit of paper with a name which was salvageable, Tiberius McAllister. SI 7 has no record on the name and he doesn't seem to be a member of the Silver Hozen. Lastly, some, less than 10% of the shipment had somehow been replaced with "cut" vials at some point after it left Redridge. How or when remains unknown. I've sent samples of the tampered drugs to be analyzed and have established contact with the Silver Hozen to carry on with the investigation since they are, at the moment, the best lead. 

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