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re: The Hunted


Zuriah didn't even have time to put a a shield as the green explosion swept over her. She hardly had time to cover her eyes and when she brought her hand down she was gazing upon a completely different landscape to that of Azsuna. Her first instinct was to to look to her left to see if Bromm and Bey were with her and safe. Neither were there. She looked all around her just to verify but she was all alone. It was hardly surprising when she pulled out her comm and received nothing from Azeroth or her companions. Could she teleport? Open a portal back home? It was worth a try. Teleporting was out of the question. If she suceded and her companions were on this same world, they would be left stranded. She focused on her spell and attempted to open a portal back to Dalaran. The arcane energy begun to form and puttered out. Yes, it would be possible...if she could find a ley line or someplace more attuned to magic on this world. She wasn't powerful enough to do it on her own. 

She let out a sigh and begun to look around her. In the sky she could see rings surrounding the plant. If it wasn't for the sickly green glow of the sky and lightning it would have been the most beautiful of sights. Ahead of her, not overly far was something which looked like a forest. Behind her, the plains her hooves rested upon stretched out of sight. To her right, there was a tall pinnacle of rock. A landmark. Something was something. If her companions were anywhere nearby, they might be able to see the same thing and hopefully think as she did. That was where she had to go. 

Fortunately Miss Woodry had stopped her bleeding before they were sent away. Fortunately she could conjure food and water and always had a decent supply of painkillers on her which would last her for...a few days at most. Fel. There was no moment like now. Damaged as her legs were she begun to move. She had walked along the plains for several hours when she first heard it, the snarling barks of felhounds in the distance. Their actions and their arrival didn't seem to have gone unnoticed. She picked up her pace. It wasn't the best route but the forest would provide some cover and she might lose her pursuers there. She hoped her companions were faring better than she was. It was going to be a shit day. 

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