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The Servitors of Lothar, founded in June 2009, is a heavy RP, paramilitary and humanitarian guild located on Wyrmrest Accord. We are based out of Aerie Peak in the Hinterlands, but regularly travel and deploy to various parts of Azeroth, Outland, and Draenor in keeping with our mission to protect those in need. Although we are military inspired, we are not a heavily militarized order, and beyond combat events we also have hosted seasonal server-wide parties, informational seminars on various cultures, and we have twice yearly holiday parties during Midsummer and Winter’s Veil.

Rank Structure


  • Commanders: Jocastia Silverwright (Academe), M. Mindspanner (Scouts), Brommidor Stonebrow (Guard)
  • Advisor: Tally Megavox (Scouts)


  • Sergeants: Sergeants are our most senior non-officer members and are usually accorded special responsibility within the unit.
  • Sentinel (Scouts), Warden (Academe), Soldier (Guard): These are our regular members who have undergone promotion tasks to be elevated to their division-specific rank.
  • Initiate: Initiates are full members who are working towards promotion into higher enlisted ranks in their division and are allowed to wear our guild colors.
  • Applicant: All new members start out as Applicants for their first thirty days in the guild, after which they earn their guild colors and full membership.


The Servitors membership is divided into three divisions, each led by a Commander with the assistance of an Advisor.

  • Academe: The Academe, led by Commander Jocastia Silverwright, are our magical specialists and casters.
  • Guard: The Guard, led by Commander Brommidor Stonebrow, are our primary heavy duty fighters and front line troops.
  • Scouts: The Scouts, led by Commander M. Mindspanner with Advisor Tally Megavox, are a division of tactical and stealth-based fighters.

How to Join

What are we looking for in a prospective member? We look for someone who is:

  • Ready, willing, and able to make RP happen. We seek RPers who can roll with the punches and aren’t afraid to take control of their IC experiences in Azeroth.
  • Aware of lore and/or eager to learn about it as well as apply this knowledge to their characters and interactions.
  • Interested in group efforts. We have numerous small storylines going at any given time as well as larger, guild-oriented storylines. We are seeking those who are neither spotlight hogs nor shrinking violets.
  • A well-rounded individual. This means no drama llamas. The leadership has no qualms over kicking pot-stirrers and other players who consistently impact the gaming experience of their guildies in a negative fashion. We seek those who want to be part of something.
  • Aware of the meaning of the word ‘community’. RP is no fun alone. To this end we do try and get the community at-large sparked with events. We’re looking for folks who aren’t afraid to reach out.
  • By the way, we are open to all classes, and a character need not be of good or neutral alignment to join us, as long as they’re willing to work for the good of the order!

How do I join? Submit an IC letter of intent addressed to the Commanders via our site application. It is used to ensure the member has some backstory and for justification of in-game contact. Acceptance for a trial comes at the end of an interview.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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