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re: Call Board


It's here at last! If you have questions about mission threads posted here, please ask the officer who is in charge of that zone. M for Drustvar, Bromm for Stormsong, Jo for Tiragarde.

This post will be updated from time to time by several of us, so keep an eye out.

First person to post gets the mission, although if there's shared interest, you're free to work with others. Or not! 

Check with an officer about a date before posting, as we have an officer-only calendar that runs a few months out.


1) Wolves, unnaturally large and strong wolves, are encroaching on towns and attacking travelers in Drustvar, especially around the town of Fallhaven. They should be cleared out. Although these wolves are hexed, we don't yet have enough familiarity with Drust magic to know what the weird magic is. There's an area of neutral only mobs just past the witch's hut outside Fallhaven that might be a good place for this, unless you really want to brave hostile mob central at Carver's Harbor. 


1) Mildenhall Meadery - There is a local meadery located southeast of Brennadam known regionally for its mead. There have not been any shipments of the mead to the town of Brennadam for over a week and no word has been heard from the Mildenhall family that runs it. Mayor Roz is requesting that someone go to the meadery to determine why shipments have ceased and why the Mildenhall family has stopped communication.

2) Lost Wagon - There has been a report that a caravan wagon has gone missing. The wagon was attempting to bypass the checkpoint in the Highland Pass by taking the mountain trail and has not been seen since September 21. Any information found about the missing caravan and its whereabouts should be reported to the Hood family in Brennadam.

3) Addington Shipyards - The cultists maintain a firm grip on the Addington Shipyards which proves a threat to the supply line to Brennadam. Also, they hold many laborers captive and working against their will by dark magic. Help free the trapped laborers and defeat what cultists you can!

4) The Brineworks - There is an area of the Strand known as the Brineworks. It is where ship armaments are produced for the Kul Tiran navy. There are large supplies of weapons there that the Storm’s Wake could use to arm its rebels. Recover what weapons you can for the cause!


1) Azerite Rats - More azerite-maddened rats have been spotted in Boralus, causing havoc. Someone should probably thin them out.

2) Booze Heist - Several bars and taverns have reported having their brews stolen in wee hours. Where is it going? The Admiralty has requested help from the mainlanders as their guards are busy elsewhere.

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